While we all wish it to go asap, we have to agree that the pandemic will reshape how we do business. It has made many of us more agreeable to online meetings and e-commerce.

Even when things get back to normal and travels resume, we may now prefer to avoid unnecessary travel and accomplish a task remotely if possible, thus also saving time, energy and money

We at the Surekha Group consider it important that we harness the unique advantages that technology brings to businesses in general and our handloom textiles wholesale business in particular. We have worked tirelessly to offer our business buyers a wholesale portal where you can now make your wholesale saree purchases online, and highly recommend you get on-board.

On this page, we are sharing with you the unique advantages it offers over conventional wholesale buying-&-selling in person. 

      1. View the complete collection before deciding. Often when you buy in person, it is possible that the sales person displays the collection selectively. And you often doubt if you were shown the best designs, and whether you were short-changed as a new customer. There was no-way you could be sure. Our wholesale portal removes such personal biases, and you always see la the latest designs.
      2. Review your selection. Often when you buy in person, you are unable to review your selection. When the products arrive, you discover that you have ordered too many greens while reds are completely missing, or that you have ordered many similar designs. When you buy from our wholesale portal, you can add the design you like to cart and then review your cart to ensure that you have ordered the right product-mix before completing your purchase.
      3. Accurate idea of the product look and feel. While buying in person may have a natural advantage in this category, often when you buy wholesale in person, you do not have the privilege of getting the complete look of a product. You only get to see a glimpse of the saree without even unfolding it completely, let alone draping it. This could be due to the reluctance of the sales-person, product-care considerations and also the paucity of time. You may find it difficult to select on the basis of such a little display of the product. Also if there are yellow lights in the store, they can shift the product colors making it even more difficult. Even as a seasoned buyer, you may sometimes be less than pleased when the product arrives at your store and you get a chance to see the complete picture. This inconvenience is completely removed with our high resolution product images which are corrected for color and give you a true to life look and feel of the product.
      4. No confusion in prices. As a wholesale buyer, you sometimes remember a different price for it while selecting a product than the price you see when the invoice arrives. You also doubt if the sale-person extended the best wholesale price to you. Any possibility of such confusions is completely negated when you place a wholesale order online with us.
      5. No confusion in designs ordered. Often when you receive a wholesale consignment, you are not sure if the designs that received are the same as the ones you ordered. You also doubt if all the designs that you ordered have been sent to you. Sometimes the one you loved the most is missing, whereas the ones you did not select have been included in your consignment. When you order on our wholesale portal, you immediately receive an order confirmation with complete details about your order with individual product price, color and quantity ordered.
      6. Save on the traveling cost. By any estimate, you will notice that you spend anywhere between 5-15% of your purchase bill on traveling which includes air/ train fares, hotel accommodation, fooding and local conveyance. This cost is completely saved when you shop on our wholesale portal. You also save the several working days which were otherwise wasted on traveling. This saving is priceless.
      7. Get timely inventory replenishments. As a saree retailer, you are in maximum need of regular inventory replenishments during the wedding and festival seasons. Often this is also the time when you are least willing to travel as you need to be present in you store to attend to the operations and also meet-and-greet the customers. Now your sales do not suffer by your inability to travel during the busy season. You can still travel when time allows, but that is not a constraint that affects your festival sales anymore.
      8. Business Efficiency = Better Prices. Last but not the least, this wholesale portal enables us to better understand the needs and requirements of our buyers and helps us plan design and production more efficiently. This inevitably translates into better product pricing for you and your customers.

                  We have carefully designed the wholesale terms and conditions which while being extremely user-friendly also safeguard your interests so that this portal is only used by genuine resellers with established retail credentials.  

                  Click here to see the wholesale terms and conditions.

                  As a four decade old textiles manufacturers, exporters and wholesalers, we have devoted a lot of time and thought in creating this wholesale portal and are very confident that this will be a great tool in growing our businesses together. 

                  The only thing this portal does not do, unfortunately, is offering us the opportunity of meeting you in person and extending a warm Benarasi hospitality.