Pink Handwoven Katan (कतान) Silk Cutwork Brocade Dupatta

SKU: DPT-50676-PNK

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One of our latest design experiments, we can not express how much we love this Dupatta. Its a super-star.

Notice how creatively we have reproduced the star motifs, by not weaving the stars themselves but brocading the area around it in a super-smart fashion to create stars from the ground fabric.

The border and pallu are zari brocades with lines and stripes, not making the ensemble too busy.

Made from the finest silk and zari, the is a show-stopper.

This dupatta is made with Pure Mulberry Silk warp and weft.
The dupatta features the Cutwork Brocade weaving technique, where the floating extra-wefts used to create the motifs are neatly clipped at the back, giving the motifs an embossed look.
The dupatta measures approximately 2.3 meters in length, 36 inches in width and 280 g in weight.


We request you to please consider the following before placing an wholesale order for sarees.
  • As a reseller, we expect you to understand the fabric types, and the inherent textures and feel. For eg: Katan silk and Kora silk may both use Mulberry silk yarns, but the fabrics differ significantly in look and feel.
  • You may also refer to our Glossary page for a brief description about the fabric and weave types. This will significantly help you choose you the right products for your customers.
  • In all our products, we make a conscious effort to only offer the best quality for the price. Please however note that quality is also a function of price. If all other things are constant, a higher priced saree will indicate better quality.
  • We often use color-family names instead of the specific color name in the product titles and descriptions. Some colors may overlap into multiple color-families. For eg, a sea-green or aqua-green may also look blue. Still you may find them titled as Green. We recommend considering the color visible in the images as a better indicator of the actual colors.
  • Notwithstanding the above, please note that depending on the screen-type and lighting conditions, there can be a marginal to significant difference in colors of the product.
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