Vibgyor Pink Multi Color Ikat Silk Scarf 40"x40"

SKU: SCF-4398300101-VBGPNK

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A premium pure silk scarf with multicolour ikat weave. Perfectly suited for both casual and formal occasions.

We have used very fine silk yarns in this scarf to keep it feather-light and extremely comfortable.

The square scarf measures approx 40 inches/ 0.90 meters, and can be styled in a simple fold or a knot.

This scarf uses a pure Silk warp and weft.
In this Ikat scarf, the design motifs are first resist-dyed onto the warp or the weft threads, or sometimes both, and then diligently woven into a scarf on a handloom. It takes great patience & craftmanship to weave these scarves as the warp and weft threads need to intersect perfectly to re-produce the preset pattern. A true work of art.
The scarf measures approximately 40 inches in length, 40 inches in width and 30 g in weight.


We request you to please consider the following before placing an wholesale order for sarees.
  • As a reseller, we expect you to understand the fabric types, and the inherent textures and feel. For eg: Katan silk and Kora silk may both use Mulberry silk yarns, but the fabrics differ significantly in look and feel.
  • You may also refer to our Glossary page for a brief description about the fabric and weave types. This will significantly help you choose you the right products for your customers.
  • In all our products, we make a conscious effort to only offer the best quality for the price. Please however note that quality is also a function of price. If all other things are constant, a higher priced saree will indicate better quality.
  • We often use color-family names instead of the specific color name in the product titles and descriptions. Some colors may overlap into multiple color-families. For eg, a sea-green or aqua-green may also look blue. Still you may find them titled as Green. We recommend considering the color visible in the images as a better indicator of the actual colors.
  • Notwithstanding the above, please note that depending on the screen-type and lighting conditions, there can be a marginal to significant difference in colors of the product.
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